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Shape : Capable to customize in any shape.

Shape: Swatch shape or Vehicle shape, Available of making into all variety of shapes. Mostly the material is Yupo type due to hard paper material, but it’s also possible to customize in Polyart and Tyvek. Swatch shape was promoted in the club to advertise watches, however recently our client has ordered to have diversity of wristbands.

Voucher (Effective coupon capability)

Voucher: It’s mostly used to put free coupon on your wristbands! We can make any Coupon size or quantity based on customers’ requirements. Normally it is widely used as one or two coupons in a wristband.

Laminated Yupo: Specialized coated Product.

Laminated Yupo: It was first invented to use in water parks for Coin bands. It has been made to prevent any damage on the barcode from the chemicals and hot waters. Due to strong durability it has been used a lot instead of Vinyl wristbands.

Foil (Luxurious shape and Eye caching)

Foil: It is way brighter than CMYK printing. Especially club's VIP uses them and the reflection of light on your wrist gives a perfect advertising effectiveness. We have Gold, Silver, and Hologram foil printing but can be printed only in Yupo material.

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