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Tyvek Inkjet Print
Label Wristband

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  • Speedy Printing
    - Using your standard inkjet printer, Customize your own wristband as fast as you can.
  • Mobile Printing
    - Now you can design your own wristbands from your photos taken by your mobile.
  • Cheapest way of Printing
    - Inkjet printing toner is widely known to be cheapest ink. Inkjet printing made it possible to print Tyvek cheapest possible way!
  • 100% Water Proof Tyvek Wristbands
    - Don’t worry about the quality. It has the exact same function as Tyvek Wristbands product from Dupont
  • Anywhere & Anytime
    - Capable of crowd control for club, Amusement Park, and School. It is the best product for small minimum demand!
  • Numbering & Barcoding OK!
    - You could also print as numbering, barcoding, QR coding, and consecutive numbering. Control your party!

Inkjet Tyvek Wristbands

Inkjet Wristband is TYVEk (1070D) material that is specially coated and available to print easily at home by using inkjet printer. Just like the normal ID wristbands it’s perforated with the adhesive tape on the back of the sheet. This product is capable of crowd control for club, Amusment Park, and Etc. Inkjet Tyvek Wristband is a best product for small minimum orders. It can be customized in any computer, numbering, barcoding, and even full color designs are possible to print. (Picture, image, ETC)

Inkjet Tyvek Wristbands

Anywristband’s Tyvek material is supplied from Dupont that is 100% tear proof product, it is almost impossible get ripped off. It is FDA approved material; there is no allergy reaction, no harm to our physical body, and environmentally safe. This material is most often used in ID wristband market; moreover it has very high sweat transmissivity, light, smooth and comfortable.

Most Tyvek material is sensitive in high temperature; if it’s printed in Laser printer it will be melted, if it’s printed in Inkjet the ink will be dispersed. This is reason that we invented a new Tyvek product that can print on the any inkjet printer and Low heat Laser/LED printer!
This product has a global patents and it is the first attempted product in the global wristband market. From Epson Stylus color & photo Series, Hp Deskjet & Photosmart series, Canon BJ, S& I Series, Samsung Myjet Series, ETC, has a wide variety of inkjet printer you can use.

You can customize any colors you want and it can express way different colorful design than black text logo printing. You could also print barcode, QR code, and consecutive numbering.
From the photo output, you can make your own beautiful wristbands and it is designed by you! It takes at least 2-7days to make full color custom wristband but now you do not have to wait anymore. Print your own wristbands right now.
It depends on what kind of printer you use but, we guarantee the same level of quality with a high resolution like digital printing.