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Tyvek Full Color

It is our most popular product and excellent fitting. Numbering & barcoding OK!


most glossy surface with feasible color than any other products. Numbering & barcoding Okay!


5pieces connected perforated digital printing is only for Tyvek. Numbering & barcoding OK!


Offset printing provides dramatic colors.

Full color products

Anywristband’s Full color products are printed in offset printer, have color sharpness and very high quality. Also for the adhesive tape we provide 3M tape, which is the world’s most famous adhesive tape company.


We use Dupont Tyvek 1056D, has very high durability, light weighted, and especially great for Places that are humid. Material wise, it has low fluorescent ability on the colors and rough surface.


We use OJI Yuka gross type 130g Yupo from Japan. Yupo has grossly smooth surface, stiff (hard) plastic material so it’s not easily damaged. It’s often used in Club promotion parties. Due to its high exposure in the light, identification can be easily spotted. Numbering and barcoding available. Customized foil print available.

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